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Wise in the Community

Wise in the Community

It's our world

Wise in the Community is the cornerstone of our communal voice and was born out of connecting business and professionals with not-for-profit organisations through a special corporate volunteering program.

In partnership with The Centre for Volunteering and Starlight Children's Foundation Australia, we are bringing businesses and not-for-profit organisations together through a range voluntary projects and activities allowing us to give back to the community, while building morale, motivation and team spirit.

At Wise, we believe volunteering reflects our values and culture, and provides the perfect balance for achieving and respecting success. It’s our mantle that there is no better way of achieving communal success than helping someone reach their goals. Our core values, Inspire, Educate, and Grow are best seen through our volunteer work and are the central planks that make up the essence of our volunteer program. We guarantee that by joining our volunteer program, you and your team will unlock a new world of cherishment and reputation, allowing you to mature as individuals and in business practice whilst having fun.



Our values define our philosophy as an education provider and a business. We aim to lead our industry by striving for excellence and inspiring our students and partners to do the same. By offering leading industry information and delivering the most up-to-date courses, we are rewarded by being a critical part of our students’ journey and maintaining a relationship with them at every step of their career.

Our Wise in the Community corporate volunteer program is just another way we raise the benchmark to inspire our individual students and partners, as well as the business community as a whole.



We are committed to opening the doors for everyone to accessible learning pathways. Providing flexible access to a real education for as many people as possible is our priority and has driven our development of alternative education solutions.

Our research and development takes into account the latest industry trends and changing needs of the modern workforce, so that our courses arm our students with the skills that are most in demand in a competitive job market. It’s exciting to be part of the future of learning, and your future career.



Enriching daily life through education, business development strategy and community volunteering is core to our vision. We are continually facing the challenge of furthering what we can offer as leading education provider and strengthening our relationships with corporate and community partners, to grow our network and expand the possibilities for our students.

Do well and feel good by taking part and see the benefits to yourself, your team and your company. The gift of giving your time and care has enormous personal rewards and creates a ripple effect of positive outcomes.

We encourage you to call us on 1300 771 192 and consider the benefits of joining forces and being part of 'Wise in the Community'.