How to Choose the Right Course

Mixed race college student with laptop

Thinking about advancing or learning a new skill, but not sure which course is the one for you? With hundreds of providers offering a wide selection of online certificate courses and diploma programs, narrowing down your options may prove to be a daunting task. So we’ve put together three key steps for you to work through and help you make the wise choice.

     Figure out the industry you want to work in.

If you don’t already know what industry you see yourself in, it’s always good to start by identifying a career that’s most relevant to your skills, interests, and personality. You can also browse online courses to see what catches your eye, or check out which jobs and industries are trending now.

     Find a study option that fits into your lifestyle.

You will need to work out what you want to get out of your course, and what option would best suit your schedule and career goals. Studying online is the perfect way to learn while you’re still working or job hunting, with the added flexibility of being able to study independently from home.

If you plan to work while studying, a part-time or self-paced study load is a great option. You’ll be able to take on as much as your schedule permits while fitting your course around your family and other commitments. If you’re able to concentrate entirely on study, a full-time load will mean you complete your course in the minimum amount of time and be on your way to career advancement much faster.

Studying is a significant investment. You can choose to pay upfront, making significant savings in the long run, or you can also take advantage of weekly or monthly instalments for some Australian online courses.

     Speak to a Course and Career Advisor.

Whether it’s to help you narrow down your choices or identify the dream job for you, it’s always best to consult a Course and Career Advisor. Together, you can explore which kind of qualification would be suitable for your level of experience and education (whether it’s a certificate or diploma qualification), work out how many hours of study you will be able to fit in your schedule, and have an overall assessment of the best course and career path for you.