Government Assistance for Online Education Australia

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Need a little help in planning and financing your career? Investing in the proper Australian online courses and training is crucial to your success – So if it’s assistance you need, then assistance you will get.

The Australian government’s commitment to enhancing the country’s workplace achievement has seen many funding schemes and incentive opportunities introduced to benefit both individuals and employers. High quality skills learning at Certificate and Diploma level is vital to enhancing Australia’s broad market reputation. Subsequently, a range of Commonwealth and State-based learning and training schemes now serve to fund or subsidise the skilling of employees across all industries, so there’s never been a better time to make it work for you. Your choice of course, educational and traineeship program could well be subsidised.

Incentives are generally restricted to Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or New Zealand Passport holders with more than 6 months’ residence. Yet beyond this, eligibility requirements differ between schemes.

Accredited online course providers and industry specialists monitor the ongoing changes in the funding and incentive framework, and work closely with relevant government agencies and the Australian Apprenticeships Centre to help facilitate the implementation of funding opportunities as they arise.

With the government’s ongoing support, there’s no greater incentive to study online in Australia. Make the wise choice and explore possible funding and incentive opportunities for your desired career path, today.