Blended Bonanza for Job Seekers


All for One in Aged Care, Disability & Community Services

The head of one of Australia’s leading educators believes a blended three-prong approach to a widened course will ignite a new wave of job seekers’ across one of the most increasingly popular industries.

Kelly North, Chief Executive of Wise Education Group, believes a revolutionary approach to Aged Care, Disability and Community Services will have an all-encompassing and positive effect on young people from all demographics and classes pursing the career they want!

“It’s a unique and innovative new approach across the Aged Care, Disability and Community Services fields,” Ms North explained. “One course, but with three elective streams!”

Considered a new format of blended learning, the program includes 5 Live Webinar sessions – all scheduled and recorded for those unable to make it to live sessions. Distance-based workbooks are heavily supported by expert trainers; while 12 clinical modules – all online – will strengthen your knowledge in Aged Care, particularly dementia, duty of care and dependent patients.

Participants also gain the benefit of Work Placement Scheme Support for practical application of skills and knowledge.

Working in Disability has become of one of the most sought-after career pathways, with people of all ages wanting to learn more about caring for people’s personal rights and interests; while emerging Home and Community has generated a near 30% increase from participants learning more about the independence and well-being of clients.

Ms. North says Australia now boasts a world class aged care system, meaning employment opportunities have increased abundantly, and the Dept of Social Services had adopted a strategy to ensure growth in this sector!

To enter into this industry the centres require that participants are at least qualified to a CERT III level.

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