A Diploma in Every Day Reach


The head of one of Australia’s top educational trainers is urging school-leavers and early job seekers to use the first two weeks of Summer as a “pivotal” springboard into a blossoming New Year career pathway!

Ms. Kelly North, Chief Executive of Wise Education Group, insists people must “not put their feet up,” and run the risk of a HECS-style “hangover,” but use what normally can be general public down-time, to launch and financially plan the career they desire.

“The broad and flexible course offer, with so much emphasis on affordability and lifestyle versatility, means anyone pursuing a career can position themselves to take advantage,” Ms North said. “The New Year will come up quick so this is traditionally a time for ambitious career-minded people to prepare themselves so they can hit the ground running.

“The last thing you want is a financial study and course plan that doesn’t fit in with your personal lifestyle and timeline.”

Ms. North said personal career planners and facilitators now advise and guide any prospective course participant through Certificate levels to Diplomas from start to finish, and this should not be under-estimated.

Certainly, one of the country’s best and most respected Diploma course menus has now entered a value-for-money and budget-friendly world, and Wise Education is bracing for a surge in pre-Xmas enrolments!

“There’s no doubt Diplomas in Hospitality, Early Childhood Education & Care, & the more recent arrival of Leadership & Management are the most popular, even amongst those who have been in the workforce for some time and yearning for a professional change,” Ms North added.

“The big carrot, of course, is the weekly payment plan which allows participants of all ages to absorb the cost and not feel they are forfeiting others things in life. It’s a brilliant, manageable & very affordable way to engage & honour your educational and working commitment, and I can’t urge people enough to plan now!”

Enrol in one of these in-demand diploma courses now, for as low as $32.22/week!

Diploma of Business Administration – $32.22/week
Diploma of Advertising – $32.22/week
Diploma of Business – $32.22/week
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care – $51.68
Diploma of Community Services – $51.68
Diploma of Customer Engagement – $32.22/week
Diploma of Events – $43.75/week
Diploma of Franchising – $32.22/week
Diploma of Hospitality – $43.75/week
Diploma of Human Resources Management – $32.22/week
Diploma of Leadership and Management – $32.22/week
Diploma of Project Management – $32.22/week
Diploma of Marketing – $32.22/week
Diploma of Retail Management – $32.22/week
Diploma of Travel and Tourism – $43.75/week
Diploma of Work Health and Safety (WHS) – $32.22/week