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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety


Certificate III in Work Health and Safety

Do you assist with WHS in your organisation or are you looking to start a career in safety? The Certificate III in WHS will help you to secure a job in the occupational health and safety field in either the private or public sector. The qualification is suitable for people who take on work health and safety (WHS) responsibilities in addition to their main role. Work health and safety duties range from compliance and claims management through to introducing environmentally sustainable work practices.

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

If you have a high level of industry experience and feel confident working with occupational health and safety, this course will certainly fulfil your needs. The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is the minimum requirement for health and safety practitioners in the workplace. Attain this valuable qualification that can be utilised in a range of new employment opportunities. Our course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to comply with WHS legislation, identify and assess risks, implement WHS consultation and participation processes and management systems, contribute to worker health and wellbeing, undertake project work and show leadership in the workplace.

Diploma of Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The Diploma of Work Health and Safety (WHS) concerns the identification, assessment and control of conditions in the work environment that are harmful to the health and safety of people in all occupations. It covers the prevention of accidents, injuries, ill health and the rehabilitation of injured workers. Students will study the functions of policy development, compensation, rehabilitation, the OHS/WHS Act and its regulations.