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Certificate II in Business

Everything has a beginning. The Certificate II in Business is an entry level qualification designed for those wanting experience in the working world, including recent school leavers and career-changers. This course will provide you with crucial skills which can be applied across all industries. Upon completing this qualification you will be able to contribute to the health and safety of others, communicate and work effectively with others, use business technology, create and use various documents and spreadsheets, organise work activities and participate in environmentally sustainable work practices.

Certificate III in Business

Launch your career and expand your job opportunities in the corporate world. Whether you are a recent school leaver, have been out of the workforce for some time or are looking to change career paths, the Certificate III in Business will teach you valuable skills which can be utilised in any workplace. This course is specifically created for people who want to gain advanced skills and expertise without any constraints. These skills include customer service, designing documents and spreadsheets, working with diversity, organising work priorities, maintaining financial information, keyboard and computer functions and promoting innovation in a team environment.

Certificate IV in Business

The Certificate IV in Business will strengthen your skills and knowledge and evolve your career choices in team leadership and project management. Sound product knowledge and customer facing experiences are paramount. You will have the freedom and responsibility to promote products, undertake marketing activities and establish networks. This course will also teach you how to implement and monitor WHS policies and procedures, and manage people performance. You will gain the confidence required to provide administrative or operational support to individuals and teams.

Certificate IV in Business Sales

We know that being a successful salesperson does not happen by accident or blind luck. This course takes a holistic approach to business sales, focusing not only on skills, but also behaviours and attitudes required to be an effective sales professional. You will learn to develop product knowledge and build client relationships and networks. Be progressively led through this course to show a broad range of competencies that will guarantee you thrive in the competitive sales environment. You will acquire the ability to identify and plan sales prospects, present and secure sales solutions, coordinate customer service strategies, develop a sales plan and make presentations that will truly impress.

Certificate IV in New Small Business

Our Certificate IV in New Small Business course is for you if you want to get your small business off to a great start. It’s important to have the right skills and training behind you to make it happen as you will learn the core fundamentals of financial planning, legal and business requirements and customer services.

Diploma of Business

Our Diploma of Business course will prepare you for senior roles including executive officer, project consultant, program coordinator and office manager. Achieve a high level of specialist learning which will prepare you to undertake a professional career in the corporate or business marketplace whilst learning the key fundamentals of ethical business. You will acquire knowledge and skills to manage plans, projects and risk management as well as support senior executives, and manage diverse business teams.