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About Us

About Us

Discover a world of Open Learning

Wise Education Group is Australia's leader in open and distance learning. We offer over 100 flexible courses that allow you to fit study around your business and lifestyle through a process of learning that is changing the world. Today, Wise courses and nationally recognised qualifications bring that unique experience to students around the globe through pioneering research, academic innovation, and high international standards.

We support you at every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals. With strong community engagement, our industry focus will give you a head start in your career. There are no campuses to attend, no set timetables to live by and no assessment due dates.

Fit your study around your life - not the other way around. Start your journey towards a rewarding and successful future today! Find your course now.

At Wise Education, we:

  • Deliver nationally recognised qualifications
  • Offer over 100 online courses
  • Can enrol students 365 days of the year
  • Offer you flexible and supportive learning
  • Tailor affordable payment plans to suit your needs
  • And are proudly Australian owned.


Study anytime, anywhere

With no set class timetable you can study when and where you want, tailoring your education to suit your lifestyle. You can choose to study full or part-time depending on your availability and needs. There are no fixed lectures or scheduled exams, and you have access to all learning materials and support at all times.


Strong links with industry

Wise Education Group prides itself on establishing and maintaining industry relationships and engaging with the community to further develop contemporary programs, innovative teaching methods and to meet the needs of employers and the modern workplace. Students studying selective courses will also have access to Wise’s Industry Placement Program where you will have the chance to do a work placement in your chosen profession, get solid insights into modern work-force performance and make real-life connections in the workforce.


Affordability to study now

Making the decision to study is a significant investment. We assist you with making that decision by giving you the option to pay in weekly or monthly instalments, meaning that you don’t have to come up with a large portion of payment upfront. You can also choose to pay upfront, making significant savings and you can also take advantage of our Government Programs and make study even more affordable.


Engaging study materials and library access

Online study is never dull with our excellent range of study materials presented as video, interactive media and PDFs. Group activities including forums, message boards, blogs, and projects give you the chance to contribute to topic discussions. You can monitor your own progress with self-review quizzes and receive immediate feedback. Lecturers mark assessments and grade assignments online and electronically. For projects you will have access to Wise’s electronic library collection that houses more than 70 million online articles.


Take your skills anywhere in the World

Wise Education Group is an innovative and forward looking education provider that is an Australian leader in the provision of professionally focused vocational programs. Our courses provide you with internationally recognised qualifications for today's professional workplaces. Our strong links with industry, government and research institutes in Australia and overseas ensures our courses are relevant, practical, creative and careers-focused.